JHR is one of the leading providers of workforce services to the corporate segment. The JHR seeks to maintain its position as a leading provider of labor force solutions to existing clients by adopting proactive relationship management and serving clients’ “On Time “needs. At the same time, it expands its client base by establishing relationships with new clients.



Initiate the proper manpower selection process by understanding client requirements


Plan the recruitment and selection activities from local and international markets


Execute the manpower selection through the interview, visa process, and mobilization


Manage all onboarding processes and maintain an excellent customer experience

Strategic Advantage of working with JAL Human Resources

Wide Connectivity

JHR has more than 20 branches in 12 cities of Saudi Arabia. In addition, JHR has a presence in all Saudi Regions – Eastern, Western and Central, and Northwest provinces.

Client Relation

The Client relation management team directly communicates with existing Clients, meets their needs, responds to their demands and complaints. KPIs are in place to evaluate the service to maintain Client satisfaction and retention. In addition, by collaborating closely with the Clients, JHR’s Client relationship management team shall understand the needs and requirements of the clients and fulfill demand and exceed their expectations.


JHR has the workforce’s efficiency and diversity regarding Qualifications, Nationalities, Experience, and backgrounds. Support services are provided to both clients and the deployed Workforce over their contracts. Flexibility in providing Clients with different term contracts. 

Access to Employment Visas

The JHR has an availability of large number of work visas for different professions and nationalities and can obtain work visas within a short period. 

Excellent Client Base

We maintain strong business relationships with our several Clients. The JHR has a diversified Client base focused on a specific industry, Client, or geographic location. 

Strategic Association with Recruitment Agencies

The JHR has strong relationships with more than Sixty (60) recruitment agencies in different countries such as India, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It allows the JHR to recruit the most qualified labor force in different fields through systematic interviewing and testing. 

Effective Relationships with Embassies worldwide

The JHR maintains strong business relationships with all in-Kingdom embassies of all countries from which it recruits its workforce. The JHR manages such relationships through a dedicated team scheduling regular visits with the embassy officials to discuss any matters and resolve any issues related to the workforce.

JHR is confident of taking any new challenges and committed to fulfilling and meeting the Client’s requirements and support with total commitment to our clients during the entire contract and continuous thereon.

Our Targeted market include but not limited to following

Oil & Gas

Petrochemical, Fertilizer


Power and Utility

Health Care

Tourism & Hospitality

Logistic and Transportation


Communication & Information Technology

Schools and University

Food and Beverages